What's Best for My Lifestyle: Car, Truck or SUV?

Shopping for a new car can be overwhelming. With so many different brands, models, and types of cars available, how do you know which one is right for you? We have narrowed down some of the different types of vehicles available and included a few factors to help you make this important decision.

Family Size: Car, Truck, or SUV?

Family size is especially important if you're in the market for a new family car. Consider how many seats can accommodate your family and the stowage required to store everyone's cargo. If you have a smaller family, you all may be able to comfortably fit into a sedan. But you'll also want to consider things like car seats. While a sedan may be spacious enough to seat a family of four comfortably, it can get more crowded if two kids are still using car seats.

Larger families may also limit truck options. Some trucks come with a spacious backseat, but most won't comfortably seat more than four or five people. If a truck offers only two rows of seating, your backseat passengers may find every trip — no matter how short — unbearable.

An SUV tends to offer the most space for larger families. They also have easier load-in and load-out features, like hands-free liftgates or button-operated sliding seats. Loading car seats into SUVs can also be more convenient, as these automobiles tend to be at the perfect height. You don't have to bend down as you do in a sedan or climb up to latch a car seat in a truck.

Which Is Best-Suited for Hobbies?

Your hobbies and leisure activities should be considered when choosing the ideal car. You need a vehicle that can keep up with your lifestyle, whether you spend your weekend shopping in downtown Farmington or camping in Hawn State Park. Smaller cars may limit your cargo capabilities. If you have a lot of camping equipment or want to bring along a kayak or ski equipment, a small ride may simply not have enough room. A sedan is also usually not equipped to tackle off-road trips or tow items.

A truck offers you the advantage of a truck bed, which can hold a lot of cargo. Truck beds are also a good place for storing items that may be dirty, like beach gear or a camping tent. Further, some trucks can easily handle your off-road trips to the back roads of Farmington. If your hobbies include boating or RV camping, a truck with good tow ratings and features may be the best option.

An SUV can be a decent option for more adventurous drivers. SUVs often have a lot of cargo space and a spacious trunk. Some even have integrated roof racks, which come in handy when you need even more luggage space or want to bring along your bicycle for the upcoming trip. A few SUVs also come with special off-roading features, like trail cameras or a specially tuned suspension system.

Climate Concerns and Vehicle Types

If you're concerned about the environment and your vehicle's impact on it, you may want to choose something that is environmentally friendly and efficient. A general rule is that the smaller the vehicle, the more efficient and environmentally friendly it is. That said, newer technologies are making larger vehicles — which we would never have imagined being efficient — an eco-friendly choice.

Sedans are smaller than trucks and SUVs and, as a result, typically better for the environment. Many sedans also come in hybrids or with electrical powertrains, meaning they'll relatively consume less fuel and have a lesser impact on the environment.

Trucks have earned a reputation as being less efficient than other vehicle options. But fuel-efficient trucks are becoming more common. The Ford F-150 and the Toyota Tacoma are both great examples. Some manufacturers are even coming out with hybrid trucks, and many are working toward designing fully electric trucks.

SUVs are a good middle-ground. They tend to have more efficient features without sacrificing the cabin or cargo space. Many SUVs today also come with a hybrid powertrain, like the Honda HR-V or the Toyota RAV4.

Interaction Between Location and Cars, Trucks, or SUVs

Where you live can also affect your choice of vehicle. If you live in a climate that gets a lot of snow — such as Farmington, Missouri — you need an automobile that offers good traction. Smaller sedans may leave you stranded if there's a lot of snowfall.

Trucks typically do a great job with snow because they have higher ground clearance and larger, more durable tires. If you live in a rural part of Missouri where snow may build up, a truck may be the way to go.

SUVs and their handling in inclement weather vary, depending on the specific vehicle and its features. Missouri is also known for heavy rainfall, especially during the spring months. An SUV with all-wheel drive can help you better tackle inclement weather conditions.

Your Job

Your job and whether you need your vehicle for work will also affect your choice of vehicle. A sedan can easily get you to and from work, offering you comfort and entertainment, which may come in handy on those long commutes. However, if you need your vehicle for work, your options may be limited with a sedan.

Trucks often have the best reputation as work vehicles, especially if you work outdoors. If you need to haul, tow, or transfer heavy equipment, a truck may be a necessity for the job. Trucks are also designed to be high-strength and durable so they can withstand heavy wear and tear that may result from your frequent trips to the job site.

An SUV is versatile, making it a good commuting vehicle and a capable work companion. Some SUVs can tow at heavy weights, and with cargo management systems, easily accommodate relatively more cargo. The versatile design of SUVs also makes them a good alternative if you have both work and family duties to manage.

Cars, trucks, and SUVs all come in a wide range of available features and designs to accommodate your preferences. Narrow down your options by considering the features most important to you. Then, begin the process with a pre-approval, or find out your borrowing limits with our loan calculator.


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